New Jersey Team Heat 

  Academic and Sports Program

Mission Statement

The New Jersey Team Heat staff consists of people who's mission(s) and goal(s) is to bridge the gap between students and athletes, while providing them with the additional platforms to display their talents  and reach their inner most goals.  Our mission is to hone the talents and skills of our student-athletes through sports while showing them how it relates to everyday life situations. Our mission is to have our kids enter our program as girls and leave as strong, proud, confident young women. our mission is to work hand and hand with great people/families such as yourselves to  build the best possible program we can.  Our mission is to  help those who may be misdirected and show them how to get on the right path and become a success story to all.   Our mission is to show our kids that when they think no one else cares and they are ready to give up, that they can simply come to us and they'll  be accepted with open arms.  Our mission is to build a state of the art EDUCATION & SPORTS TRAINING COMPOUND for our youth (a place where they can and will become the ultimate student athletes).

New Jersey Team Heat also plans to help better our communities by using funds to create platforms, forums and opportunities for the people of the community through various programs, events & activities.  Activities such as tutoring/mentoring programs, sporting events, leagues/tournaments, field trips, book clubs, charity and benefit events/functions, jobs (especially for those who need a second chance), neighborhood centers to raise alcohol/drug, disease and health awareness; not to mention a variety of trade and technical classes as well.  We want our communities to form great rapports with its neighbors as well as help rebuild that family oriented atmosphere and structure within the community which has been absent for some time now.

 New Jersey Team Heat is also looking to create funding sources so we can continue to sponsor more youth, girls and women's programs, create scholarship funds (especially for those who may need significant financial assistance) and provide day and aftercare services, just to name a few.  It all started from a dream, and from that dream a foundation was set.  After setting that foundation, New Jersey Team Heat is now on a mission to supply the demand for an education and sports program that caters to the well-being of the youth.  We have now created a program that was specifically designed by world class student athletes, for world class citizens.


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